Belcris Foods

Belcris Foods

About the company

BELCRIS FOODS started operation 1997 with 3 products, 3 chest-type freezers and 3 personnel, managed by Ms Isabel and Ms Cristine, being enjoyed as their leisure pursuit or pastime. Way back mid of 2002 where it came to materialize on its full swing operation by hiring competent and an authority in food processing merely concentrating on frozen processed meat products specifically bacin, hams and sausages.

Today, on our 9th year of full existence, we are proud to express that we are one of the most valuable supplier most in hotels, resorts and institutional accounts tied with customer satisfaction as our plus factor. We have established our Boracay, Bohol and Carbon branches a "A and B" markets.
Through its extensive selection of products, competitive pricing, reliable customer service and efficient sales force, there's no reason behind why we are know inspite being new member in food industry.


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