About the company

FaxCore is a privately held company, with main office located in Colorado, United States, focused on delivering next-generation fax server technology to help organizations improve their business operations. FaxCore's products are sold worldwide by a network of Authorized Resellers located in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Australia.

FaxCore is the industry's leading fax communications platform that centrally manages incoming and outgoing faxes, and significantly improves business processes and workflow. Designed for the Microsoft .NET framework, FaxCore offers a non-intrusive, web-based system. Ideal for small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as enterprise organizations, FaxCore provides a feature-rich system that streamlines all types of faxing communications. Integrating an advanced document server, FaxCore delivers a comprehensive archiving system to transform static faxes into dynamic documents that can be easily moved around the office.
Product & Services
FaxCore delivers a standards-based fax communications solution that can easily integrate and support a range of third-party applications. The company is also a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, which ensures seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange applications.
The company is the first fax server that embark the cloud platform and is currently expanding its portfolio to other products and services. 

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