Chops Chicago Steakhouse Inc.

About the company

Chef Peter Ayson’s passion for food started at home with a Spanish/Filipino mom and an American Cultured father each cooking their favorite dishes around the theme of family and getting together. Steak is the first thing he learned how to cook, and ‘till this day, he claims his dad’s Chili is still better than his own.
Later on his cooking style got it’s own influence and personal flavors by his travels, cooking and sharing meals with friends who also have their own heritage of dishes in the family.
Why create a ‘Chicago’ steakhouse? Well why not start where the traditional ‘Steakhouse’ culture was born. These steakhouses were know to promote good quality American bred beef, larger portions to induce sharing, and cooked with the classic Charbroil technique.
The concept of Chops was created with a mind set on a straightforward real gentleman’s steakhouse. Direct and simple, the classic way of preparation is always best, and stays familiar. Going back to basics, Chef Peter kept the look and feel of the entire restaurant quite masculine, with strong elements of décor such as stone, brick and hard wood with all the modern aspects of comfort and casual dinning ready to serve any meal of the day.

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