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Is a holding company of strategic business unit engaged in Power, Shipping, Food Manufacturing, Cold Storage, Logistics, and Industrial Supply & Services.For the past 15 years, PNKC has established solid business transaction wiht the top 100 corporations for all this related business. Technomarine Co., LTD., a company based in Kobe, Japan owns 40% of the total equity to maintain the owner managed arrangement.

Significant synergies of all PNKC strategic buisiness units share competencies and resources to keep operating cost at a reasonable level of around 25% of total revenues.

The cornerstone that differentiate operations is the Industrial Sales and Service Group (ISSG). The ISSG group also is responsible in undertaking supply and selling management of industrial equipment , spares and appurtenances that is required by the company owned industrial plants. Through its Japanese principals, the supply chain group constantly engineering purchasing strategies and schemes to affect lower capital and operating expenditures.

A glaring example is the power industry where PNKC is capable in terms of resources, technology, and organization to undertake Build-Own-Operate (BOO) projects ranging from 2MW to 20MW based-load demand capacity for industrial manufacturers. Our initial niche are heavy industries requiring own power source. We provide self generated power and ensure access to reliable, quality and electrical energy. To cement its comfort and confidence in the industry to date, PNKC has completed 40 MW self generating plants have been transacted date.




Engineering, Power Generation, Cold Storage, Turbo Charger Reconditioning

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