Experienced CSR for a Medical Account in Lipa


Level 2 Robinson's Place | J.P. Laurel Highway, Lipa City 4217


Major Responsibilities


This role is a member of the Provider Outreach team responsible for managing PHI, data preparation, provider outreach and QA functions in support of Physician Query (PQ) program. This role also interfaces with provider offices, hospitals, and other facilities to gain additional information needed under various CMS mandates


Job Duties

  • Program Management
    • Develop knowledge of the PQ program type including regulatory/compliance guidelines, workflow tools and processing requirements and rules
    • Prioritize workload and work in multiple stages of the program in a given week
    • Develop and maintain effective relationships with providers to ensure strong program participation and quick response times.
  • Data Analysis
    • Work on the data platform to create packages to send to provider offices
    • QA all content prior to sending requests
    • Identify and escalate records that do not meet content standards
    • Submit final packages through required data control/and release protocols
  • Development and Implementation of Communication Strategies
    • Research and locate providers – finding those who have moved to new employer, closed a clinic or practice, or moved -  and contact provider facilities to confirm contact and provider information
    • Contact providers to explain program and request, set commitments for information return and explain options for completing and transmitting information
    • Influence response of provider while ensuring legal, ethical, and regulatory guidelines are met related to advisement and influence of coding decisions made by providers. 
  • Provider Relations
    • Develop and manage on-going relationships with designated providers to reduce provider abrasion, drive program participation and enhance productivity and efficiency.
  • Program Participation
    • Anticipate and troubleshoot provider non-participation and create persuasive support for quick resolution of resistance
    • Meet daily and weekly production standards
  • Legal and Plan Compliance
    • Ensure provider communication meets legal and regulatory guideline regarding coding advisement and release of PHI.
    • Meet all standards for Quality
    • Understand and apply rules for medical information handling
  • Leader and Mentor
    • Serve as training partner for new team members




  • High School Diploma (2 years BPO experience required)
  • Senior HS Diploma or 2 years in college w/o any back subjects (No experience required)
  • Excellent communication skills such as verbal/telephonic phone skills, including ability to adapt style based on situation
  • Ability to work independently and prioritize workload to meet productivity goals
  • Ability to use good judgment when evaluating request content and relevant information
  • Intermediate use of MS office applications including word and excel Understanding of and ability to apply compliance standards across multiple program types and situations
  • Adaptable – able to move across different work stages in short time periods
  • Ability to articulate experience with workflow tools to support future modifications
  • Excellent attention to detail – able to perform QA functions
  • Experience with online research



  • SMS.  Text 09499145850 and request for a phone interview
  • Walk In. Visit our office at Level 2, Robinsons Place Lipa, Mataas na Lupa, Lipa City



Salary: 14000
No experience required

Posted on: June 13, 2018

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